My School 2030

“School 2030” Swiss secondary classrooms leveraging Virtual Reality to create their own vision of the future!


In a time where digital technologies are becoming a key part of education systems globally, the need to empower students to become creators and develop key 21st Century skills is more important than ever.

Created in partnership with Swiss-US startup apelab and CompiSternli, the project School 2030 will bring a groundbreaking virtual reality learning program to secondary schools in Switzerland and the United States.


Funded by the Gebert Rüf Foundation through their Digital Education Pioneer program, the project will allow students in 7-9th grade to develop their own vision of what the future of school can look like using apelab’s immersive learning platform Zoe. Zoe allows students to build their own Virtual Reality interactive experiences and stories from scratch.

Zoe allows students to build their own Virtual Reality interactive experiences and stories from scratch.


The following swiss schools are the first to kick-off the program in November 2020: the Obersee Bilingual School, Oberstufe Wasseramt Ost, Schule Meiringen, Schulen Hünenberg, Schulen Steinhausen, and Volksschulgemeinde Wigoltingen. Each will be focusing on imagining the school of the future. The program will be supervised by Rahel Tschopp, who has been working in bringing digital literacy in swiss schools for many years:


"Young people have great expertise in school. They are allowed to present their ideas of how the school should be in the future in a VR environment. On the one hand, they can use a new technique to depict their ideas, and on the other hand, they finally get a voice. This project has an incredible amount of potential."


Within the next school year, teachers and students will have the opportunity to exchange on their vision for the future of education, climate change and work to solve real world problems and share their own perspective. 


"In the world we live in it's more important than ever to give a voice to younger generations. We will learn learn a lot from their personal vision across different cultures. Using immersive technologies will allow them to truly bring is into their own worlds and stories. We are already looking to extend the project to more countries and looking forward to seeing what the students come up with!" Emilie Joly, Co-Founder @apelab



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Digital Education Pioneers: My School 2030; Supported by the Gebert Rüf Stiftung.